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Vóór 2011

Dansen -1-2-

2 More Bottles


12 Step Love

4 In The Morning

  14 Years

5 More Minutes


18 Wheeler

10 Year Beer


19 Forever


90 Miles

Dansen -A-

A Better Place


A Thing About Lovin You

A Cold Beer


AB For Friends

A Drink


All God's Children

A Country Boy's Life


All I Need

A Few Changes


All Over My Heart

A Honky Tonk Highway


All of Your Heart

A Girl Like You


Always Sunshine And Rainbows

A Little Bit


Amarillo By Morning

A Little Bit Lit


Amen Amigo

A Little Too Late


Another Crazy Year

A Natural Woman


Are You Teasin’ Me

A New Moon


Australian Kid

A Proud Man



A Reel Craic


Ay Mama

Dansen -B-

B My Love (Partner)


Blown Away

Baby Pains


Blue Bird

Baby Don't You Let Go


Blue Umbrella Blues



Blue Wing

Back To Me And You


Boogie Train



Boys And A Girl Thing

Bayou Hurricane


Break In Mountain

Be There In Your Morning


Break My Heart (Honky- Tonkitis) Partner

Big Man


Bring On Tomorrow

Better in Texas (P)


Broken Hearted Road

Big Wood Deck


Broken Windows

Bitter Sweet


Button Box Boy



Dansen -C-

Call A Marine


Come Primavera

Can We 2 Step (Partner)


Could've Been The Whiskey

Cards On The Table


Couldn't Drink Enough

Caribbean Rhumba


Country Boy Rock & Roll

Carry me Back





Country Race

Catalan Shine


Country Roads Forever

Chains Of Love (P)


Country’s Smile

Champagne Promise


Country Sunshine

Cheap Cologne (Partner)


Cowboy Cool

Chippin' Away


Cowboy For A Night

Cigarettes & Coffee Blues


Cowboy Ride Away (Partner)



Cowboy Up

Clap 'Em



Clear Isabel


Crazy Perfect Mess

Collecting Dust


Dansen -D-

Dance Her Home


Diamonds and Daughters

Dancin' The Dust


Dixie Girl

Dangerous Games


Do I Ever Cross Your Mind?

Dark Whiskey


Don't Drop By

Darling & Honey


Don't Worry



Down On Your Uppers

Diamond Ring


Drinking Problem

Dansen -E-

El Nino Loco


Everybody's Here AB

Electric Rodeo


Everywhere I Go

Every Cloud (Has A Silver Lining)


Eyes For You

Every Time She Walks By


Dansen -F-

Favorite Boyfriend



Feeling Down


Free And Easy (Down The Road I Go)



French Kiss

Film Man



Finally Found Somethin'


Friday At The Dance

Flight And Go


From A to Z

Folsom Prison


Front Porch Swings

Dansen -G-

Gatnill Porch


Good On You

Getaway Driver (P)


Good Times Never End

Ghost Town


Goodbye And So Long

Girl Of Mine


Got A Hole In My Pocket

Girls Gone Wild


Got A Little Dirt On My Boots

Go On & Go


Green Earth

Good Lovin' Woman Bad


Dansen -H-

Half A Song



Happy Man


Higher And Higher

Happy People


Hold On To Your Hat

Hawaiian Girl


Hole Down In My Heart

He Put It There



Heart in 2


Hometown Girl

Heart On The Run


Honky Tonk Moon

Heaven On Earth


Honky Tonk Near You

Heaven South


How Not To

Hell & High Water


Humble and Kind

Hey Porter




Hunky Dory

Dansen -I-

I'm Already Gone


I Picked The Wrong Night

I'm Better For Loving You


I Will Be Yours

I'm In Heaven Tonight


If I Could Make a Livin'

I'm In Trouble


If Some Things Never Change

I've Got Mexico


If You Want A Mother

I Am Good At It


In The Cheap Seats

I Can't Breathe



I Can't Hide This Anymore



I Can See Arkansas


Is Better

I Don't Know


Island In The Sunlight

I Go Crazy


It Blowed Away

I Got A Good Thing


It Don't Get Better Than This

I Keep Forgetting


It Takes All Kinds

I Like It


It’s Too Late

I Lost You


Its Yours If You Want It

I Must Be Dreaming


Dansen -J-

Jim Reeves Waltz


Just Call Me Lonesome

Jingle My Bells (Kerst)


Just Let Her Go

Johnny & June


Just Relax

Jolly Jumper


Just Rolling Along

Just a Two Steppin'


Just Sayin'

Dansen -K-

Keep Hanging On


Keep It In The Middle Of The Road

Dansen -L-

Lay You Down


Looked Into My Eyes

Let's Go To Louisiana


Looking Over My Shoulder (Partner)

Let Him Go Let Him Tarry


Love Comes Around

Leap Of Faith


Love For The Family

Life's About to Get Good


Love Me in a Field



Love of My Life



Love's Gonna Win

Light Up The World


Loving You

Lonely Drum


Lucky Boy's Dream

Lonely For You Only


Lucky Touch

Lonely This Weekend



Long Black Train


Dansen -M-

Make A Little


Modern Day Romance

Makes You Wanna Sway


More than a Margarita

Makin' Me Look Good Again


Movin' Out

Maybe Somewhere


Music In My Heart

Memories (of the good times)


My Daddy Was A Chevy Man

Mexican Cantina


My Hillbilly Shoes

Midnight Girl


My Old Man

Money For The Weekend


My Own Sunshine



My Son Call Another Man Daddy (P)


My Tipperary Girl

Dansen -N-

Never Happy


Nimby EZ

New Country Cha


No More Running Around (P)

New Day


No No No No More

Night Angel


Nobody Cha

Dansen -O-

Oh What A Feeling


One Night Stand

Old 88


Only Young Once

Old and Grey


Out Of The Rain

On Air


Outskirts Of Heaven

One Night


Overnight Success

Dansen -P-

Pack A Suitcase


Phone In Heaven

Paddy's Choir


Pink Sky

Paint the Town



Party Girl


Poor Poor Pitiful Me

People Are Good



Dansen -Q-

Dansen -R-



Riverboat Bar

Rainy Day


Road Less Traveled

Rainy Night


Rock Bottom (P)

Ramblin Man (Castagnoli)


Rockin' In The Rain

Ramblin Man' (Neff)



Redneck Life


Rolling Along

Redneck Woman



Rebel Hearts


Rub A Dubbin'

Ride Away


Run Green Run

Ride The Roller Coaster


Runaway June

Dansen -S-



Some Town Somewhere

Sand In Our Shoes


Something Tells Me

Save Me Tonight


Somewhere Somehow

Second Hand Heart


Sound Of The Rain

Second Life


Southern Thing

Shaking Love Song



Share With You



She Ain't All That


Start Again

She Loves My Willie


Starry Eyes

She Thinks I Still Care


Step By Love



Stir Crazy

Shine On Summertime



Silver Wings





Straight To You

Smile Again


Strong Bounds

Smiley Face


Summer Saturday Night  

Smoke & Mirrors


Summer Sway

Smokey Cha


Sunday Cha Cha

So Damn Good


Susana City

So Lonesome And Blue



Solid As A Rock


Sweet Mountain

Some Bright Morning (I'll Fly Away)


Dansen -T-

Take A Little Drive



Take A Shine


Things Up

Take Me For Who I Am


Think of You

Take The Highway


Think Outside The Boy

Teaching You


Think Your Present



This Broken Heart

TH-Guest Ranch (Thelma House)


This Old Heart

Thank God For The Radio


This World Is Not My Home

That Ain’t Right


Three Minute Love Affair

That My Heart (P)


Three Teachers

The Answer


Thunder Days

The Banks of The Roses


Time’s A Wastin’

The Caribbean Feeling


Tin Roof

The Fighter


Total Loss

The Gate Is Open



The Green Side


Tricky Love

The Line


Tropical Depression

The Lowdown



The Older I Get


Truck Driving Woman

The One You're Waiting On


True Believer!

The Sunshine South


Turnaround And Walk Back To Me

The Sunshine South


Two Lonely People


Two Steppin' Texas Blue

Dansen -U-

Union Mare Shuffle (P)


Urban Love Song

Dansen -V-

Valentine’s Day




Dansen -W-

Waitin' On Me


What’s The Score

Walk On A Bad Day


What You Get Is What You See

Waltz of Angels


When I Get It

Wandering Hearts


What If I Stay

Wanna Be My Friend?


When Someone Stops Loving You

Watching This Phone


Wild And Crazy Places

We Just Keep Falling In Love


Wish I Didn't Know

We Love Country


With Bells On

We March On


Windy City

We'll Try



We’ve Got Time


World On Fire

What's Going On


Would You Hold It Against Me

Dansen -Y-

You Ain't Dolly


You Never Know

You Can't Go Back


You Play My Heart




Younger Than Love (P)

Dansen -Z-


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